Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What is "HAPPINESS?"

Happiness can be defined by many things, but regardless of how much money you make, how many friends you have or how well you get along with others; many fell to ask themselves if they are "truly" happy. I was lead to write this post because in the past two months, God has poured so many blessings on me that I can't keep it to myself - HE is a "wonderful" friend indeed- God that is :) Skipping through a lot of chaos that eventually lead me to find my happiness; I felt compelled to encourage others who may feel that the world is against them: they do not have enough money to enjoy their life, or every time they check their mail - its a bill needing to be paid or whatever your issue may be. No one knows what others go through, but I can attest... "With God, ALL Things Are Possible."

I wanted to share 5 things I did to finally achieve the happiness I have today:

1: Set a GOAL: When setting a goal you have to have your mind 'made-up' that regardless of what comes or goes, you will not allow yourself to get distracted from your GOAL.

2. FOCUS on YOU: I know we have all been raised to help others in a time of need, but what about YOU? If you are placing all your attention on someone else, then how can you make YOU happy? You can't!

3. Worship: Spending time with God first thing every morning seem to make all my cares and worries disappear - as if I was in the world by myself; just me and GOD. Oh, what a wonderful feeling it is to be HAPPY. As I was awaken each morning, I knew that was my first blessing of the day, cause he didn't have to wake me, BUT he did - so the world got another chance to see God's greatness shine through CARLA. SN: I don't look like what I've been through.

4. Faith of a Mustard Seed: Faith without works, is what? DEAD... If you don't have faith that your dark nights will soon become beautiful days, then you have not experienced the God I know, cause when he moves the rain and you can only feel the mist sprinkle upon your face - YOU know that YOU know that YOU know - those stormy days are over!

5. Prayer: "Pray without ceasing... In every thing give thatnks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning YOU." - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-19 Be thankful for the GOOD & be thankful for the BAD! God has designed a place for you and you have to allow whatever process he has set forth for you to take it's course.

Set a goal, FOCUS on YOU, Worship God in EVERYTHING you do, have FAITH that he will move all obstacles in your way and last, but not least, PRAY.  When I developed this plan for my life, I found my HAPPINESS, now go forth and develop a plan that works for YOU!

- Dedicated to all those you are seeking Christ to answer their prayers

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Pain Behind MY Smile: Weight Lifted & Lost!

As I brought in 2013 with a different outlook on life, I quickly reflected over the past year-and-a-half of my life. In October 2010, I loss my best friend (my grandmother) to cancer. Never had I experienced such great sadness & while mourning of her loss, food helped eased my madness. The more I cried, the more I ate & before I knew it, I was at my heaviest weight. The struggle was real for someone like me, striving hard to be the best woman I knew I could be.
    With love & care from family & friends, I moved back to my home state to get back on track again. No one really knew the thoughts that ran through my mind; it was like a horror movie that would never end; picking at a wound, while blood ripped through my skin. Quickly, I became as confused as a child, which lead to me having,
"The Pain Behind MY Smile."

    Confusion, Pain, Sorrow, Sadness, Depression, Anger, Fear & Madness were emotions I felt, even when smiling & talking to others; I never could just be my old self. I often questioned God, "Asking him WHY," but little to my knowing, the process I encountered, was like a worm, inside of its cocoon, spinning into a beautiful butterfly.
    On June 2012, I decide to take my life back, by making a promise to myself that I could & would get back on track! I ventured on a weight loss journey with a dear friend - with her motivation, encouragement and kick-butt workouts; the 'curved' path you see, got me 'straight' on track again :)
    A word of encouragement for those living with no hope; trusting & believing in God is what help me the most. You may be judged by many, when you put on your clothes, but defeating a workout is when you feel great & can boast ;) As this new year has begun,  I plan to continue this journey, cause when I was delivered from, "The Pain Behind MY Smile: I LOST 40! Be encouraged, stay focused & live life to the fullest!

Special thanks to my supporters, you know who you are ;)