Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Pain Behind MY Smile: Weight Lifted & Lost!

As I brought in 2013 with a different outlook on life, I quickly reflected over the past year-and-a-half of my life. In October 2010, I loss my best friend (my grandmother) to cancer. Never had I experienced such great sadness & while mourning of her loss, food helped eased my madness. The more I cried, the more I ate & before I knew it, I was at my heaviest weight. The struggle was real for someone like me, striving hard to be the best woman I knew I could be.
    With love & care from family & friends, I moved back to my home state to get back on track again. No one really knew the thoughts that ran through my mind; it was like a horror movie that would never end; picking at a wound, while blood ripped through my skin. Quickly, I became as confused as a child, which lead to me having,
"The Pain Behind MY Smile."

    Confusion, Pain, Sorrow, Sadness, Depression, Anger, Fear & Madness were emotions I felt, even when smiling & talking to others; I never could just be my old self. I often questioned God, "Asking him WHY," but little to my knowing, the process I encountered, was like a worm, inside of its cocoon, spinning into a beautiful butterfly.
    On June 2012, I decide to take my life back, by making a promise to myself that I could & would get back on track! I ventured on a weight loss journey with a dear friend - with her motivation, encouragement and kick-butt workouts; the 'curved' path you see, got me 'straight' on track again :)
    A word of encouragement for those living with no hope; trusting & believing in God is what help me the most. You may be judged by many, when you put on your clothes, but defeating a workout is when you feel great & can boast ;) As this new year has begun,  I plan to continue this journey, cause when I was delivered from, "The Pain Behind MY Smile: I LOST 40! Be encouraged, stay focused & live life to the fullest!

Special thanks to my supporters, you know who you are ;)

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