Saturday, July 16, 2011

Use of Multiple Coupons & Multiple Transactions

Today was the first time I used more than four coupons on a purchase. I checked, which is a well-known site that breaks down each stores weekly sales with the coupons from previous weekly circulars. I absolutely love this site!!

After I checked and matched the weekly sales with the coupons I had collected from previous weeks'. I went to WalMart to purchase the items I needed (most items were on sale). Upon my arrival I realized several coupons could only be used for one transaction, so this was my first trip to have to purchase items divided into two transactions - in order to purchase the amount of a particular item I wanted, while following WalMart's coupon rules :)

Tip of the day: The best way to organize your coupons is to get a large binder, baseball card holders (can be purchased at Target for really cheap) and dividers. Categorize each divider and place your coupons in the baseball card holder under the appropriate section. You'll find it useful the more you coupon to have a large category and break it down into sub-categories, for example PERSONAL ----> Body Wash or Toothpaste.

My couponing experience is beginning to become a way of life! The more coupons you use the more you save! Below is my photo of 20 items purchased for $23.50 over $20 in savings!


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