Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sometimes You Get Lucky

      A creative approach to couponing that is helpful & stress free, is to search your local store's sale paper or online database, so you cans compare store prices and to ensure that you are getting the most of your product at the cheapest amount. Sometimes you get lucky and have a coupon for an item that is already on sale! This means you are getting the name brand item at its lowest price possible!
       As I flipped through Family Dollar & Dollar General sale paper, I realized that two of their sale items, also had  a coupon in the past Sunday's paper. Note: It is best to purchase your Birmingham, Mobile Press Register or local newspaper on Sunday's at Dollar Tree. Regardless of how much the newspaper company may charge for you to purchase a Sunday paper at the kiosk, Dollar Tree sells their newspaper for only $1. Below is a breakdown of the items I purchased from Family Dollar & Dollar Tree. Always remember that couponing is a stress-free hobby that allows you the opportunity to save.

Retail Value $37.17 ~ Paid $23.92 ~ Saved $13.36

Tide $5 on sale - $2 coupon = $3 per item (Family Dollar)
Dr. Pepper 10 - FREE with a coupon inserted in Sunday paper up to $1.99 value
Scott Paper Towel 9pk $5 on sale - $1 coupon = $4 per item (Dollar General)

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