Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buy One Get One (BOGO)

I found it odd that most coupons in my Sunday's paper are for products that are Buy One Get One (BOGO), however it is the best way for me to have a successful coupon trip! I was asked today, "Are you a shelf clearer?" My response, "NO, I am considerate of others, however if it is a BOGO, I may have to clear the shelf :)"

The most important rule as a couponer is to ONLY PURCHASE ITEMS YOU USE, in my opinion it doesn't make sense for me to purchase CAT food if I have a DOG o_0

My trip to WalMart this past week was in my opinion the BEST ONE YET! I was able to purchase $100 worth of items for half the price, total of $50.39. My weekly routine in my coupon adventures, are purchasing my Sunday paper, clipping ONLY the coupons I find useful for my household (it's best to have a friend to share and swap coupons with) & searching for all the BEST deals in my area. Then off to shop I go! The second most important rule in couponing, NEVER TAKE KIDS / SOMEONE WHO WILL BE A DISTRACTION! Couponing is a tricky hobby - if you do not pay close attention to the ounces or quantity of an item that is listed as a SALE item; you will end up spending more than you planned! WE WANT YOU TO SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!


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