Sunday, December 4, 2016

Getting Back In The Coupon Game: Put Me In Coach

Hello Couponers,
   Today, I decided to start back couponing after a four year hiatus. I credit my desire to start back couponing to my cousins Tonnell Holcombe and Syletta Woodard. They have posted major hauls over the past six months that makes me miss the craziness of figuring out the best deal. I am working on my doctorate degree and I am always stressing and reading, so today I decided to take a break and clip coupons. I realized how much I missed it and it's actually a stress reliever for me. So this post won't be long, cause I only have a few minutes to spare. I decided this time to only clip coupons of items I use.
     In the past, I got good enough to where my stockpile was full of all types of stuff. Today, I clipped household items like lotion, detergents, personal items, etc. and it made me want to reach a goal of completing a major haul. I only went to one store this time, which was Dollar General, however, the AirWick in the photo is much cheaper at Publix, I later found that out from my cousin. This is a small haul, but I saved a total of $10.55. Anything counts, so if you are a new couponer, take time to read the rules of the manufacturer and the retailer. I would also suggest taking a coupon class so you can learn the basics to awesome savings. Happy Couponing! ~ Carla M. Pennington 12/4/16

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