Monday, June 20, 2011

Becoming Comfortable With Other Brands

I am stepping outside of my box and using other brands on sale at the stores of my choice. I wouldn't say, I am a brand loyal person, however, when you grow up with a product, you have the tendency to compare brands. This is my second week of couponing and I must say I have really impressed myself. I have saved a total of $32.08 on $82.17 worth of groceries at Publix and $49.02 on $74.36 worth of groceries at CVS for the w/e 6/25/11.

The most important tip I learned this week is to pay close attention to the coupon limit you're allowed. Although I had three coupons for Cologate toothpaste, CVS only allowed a limit of 2 coupons that could be used. However, I over-thought my shopping and purchased 3 tubes because I had 3 coupons, but spent roughly $1.50 that I didn't have to (note to self: pay attention to the coupon limit per sale item). There are great sites like  I would suggest many first time couponers / bloggers to use. The site allows you to watch tutorials and dig deeper into the art of couponing :)

Attached are my weekly deals and items I have began to stockpile. Stockpiling is when you purchase items in advance that are on sale, but also items you use. Find a space within your home to put all of your stockpile items. My stockpile is located on two shelves in my pantry, others may have a spare bedroom, garage or kitchen drawer they use, but it's totally up to you, the shopper :)



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